Worksheet: When To Upgrade Your DAM

Identify DAM Pain Points and How To Solve Them

Is Your DAM Solution Costing You Time, Money and energy?

Marketing teams waste an average of 13 days per staff member annually hunting for digital assets, leading to delayed projects and decreased staff morale. Losing or misplacing digital assets costs your team money, time, and energy. But when successfully implemented, DAM increases security, organization, searchability, and efficiency.

Not sure if your digital asset management solution is up to par? Use this quick worksheet to see if your DAM solution is ready for an upgrade. If you check “Yes” for more than two points, it’s time to revisit your DAM capabilities.

In This Download

  • Worksheet: Is It Time for a DAM Upgrade?
  • What DAM Can Do for Your Business
  • Why Avionos Content Velocity
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