When Lightning Strikes, Don’t be Afraid!

Halloween has always been an interesting time of the year as far as I can remember. Spooky sceneries, haunted houses, scary movies, and much more are all considered the norm while we experience a change in the seasons. My initial thoughts of Halloween combined with my experience last quarter as a Salesforce Consultant – and with a bit of quirky humor – I noticed some fears that people had when I led the effort to switch to the Lightning experience in our own offices at Avionos. As I have learned in the world of IT, making the slightest changes to daily operations can be a frightful experience. This was no different from some of the reactions our users initially had when we introduced the thought of Lightning and the quick turnaround to have it implemented. For those who aren’t familiar, Lightning is Salesforce’s new UI that was influenced by the success of the Salesforce1 mobile platform. Salesforce took some of the best features of Salesforce1 and brought them to the desktop view. In a short span, Lightning provided our users the ability to sell smarter and faster while staying in the confines of our existing sales processes. We have customized Lightning to our needs while continuing to find more ways to reduce the amount of clicks for our users to perform their daily activities. At the same time, we’ve equipped them with more resources to sell more affectively. A lot of this is possible thanks to Lightning’s slick new interface. When the great UI is combined with new features such as an automated assistant, links to relevant account news, flexible layouts, and sales-path guidance, (just to name a few) our sales rep’s fear of Lightning was quickly disseminated. There’s a lot of value in what Lightning has to offer. The most exciting part is that it’s not fully matured yet. There are still features in Salesforce Classic that Salesforce is adding to Lightning with each release (users can easily switch back to Salesforce Classic if need be). Within the Avionos office, our Salesforce resources have been working ahead of the curve by acclimating ourselves with Lightning throughout this past year. This has enabled us to not only provide our own users with Lightning solutions, but (more importantly) with our clients as well. With Salesforce highlighting Lightning and its new features earlier this month at their annual Dreamforce convention, it’s apparent that Lightning is the future of the Salesforce platform. Just like the many frights that people experience this time of year, I promise the spooky feeling that comes with change is only temporary. I encourage Salesforce users to embrace Lightning and it’s many capabilities. Happy Halloween!

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