User-Centered Design for Successful Interfaces


Great design is no longer a differentiator, it's an expectation. Customers expect your site to be intuitive, relevant, and engaging. At Avionos, we understand the variety of skills and roles it takes to achieve great user experience.

The Essentials of Great UX



Gain a deep understanding of your customer’s needs to design easy-to-use digital products that connect your goals with the customer journey


Incorporate your branding thoughtfully and consistently to transform everyday touchpoints into meaningful and memorable ones


Add interactive elements to create digital interfaces that mimic real-world experiences and provide users with real-time feedback


Deliver polished interfaces that meet the high standards of our designers with a design-centered approach to development.

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User-Centered Thinking


  • User Research: Gather and analyze user data through a variety of research methods (including analytics, card sorting, customer interviews, and surveys) in order to map out the optimal customer journey with your brand.
  • Heuristic Evaluation: Compare your current site to usability best practices to find opportunities for improvement.
  • Wire-frames: Identify site taxonomy and create page layouts with your users in mind.
  • Prototypes: Build functioning prototypes to test designs with users prior to development.
  • Validation & User Testing: Save time, money, and user frustration by validating designs before development with user testing. After launch, review analytics, publish online surveys, and use customer feedback portals to gather data to improve and evolve the experience.
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Crafting Superior Experiences


  • Themeable Styling: Establish a styling system that aligns with your brand to ensure integrity and consistency across pages and even across sites
  • Hi-Fidelity Designs: Convert wire-frames into hi-fidelity mock-ups that showcase brand styling systems across themeable components as well as custom design elements.
  • Responsive & Mobile Friendly: Ensure designs scale and adapt to ever-changing technology.
  • Multi-Lingual & Global Considerations: Consider differences in language, metrics, and data formatting for global sites.
  • Accessibility: Give every customer equal access and opportunity to do business with you by prioritizing accessible design.
Interaction With Purpose


  • Communication: Use motion to replace content, highlight key points, and guide customers with real-time feedback.
  • Engagement: Add life to your digital interfaces and create a space that is fun and engaging for your customers to use.
  • Real-Life Experiences: Create intuitive interfaces by mimicking real-world interactions.
User-Centered Development


  • Design Translation: Transform detailed design specs to code with a team of engineers that value design as much as functionality.
  • Accessibility: Ensure your code is written and structured to meet accessibility requirements.
  • Performance:  Improve site performance and load times by optimizing creative assets, CSS files, font libraries, and more.
  • Testing: Reduce suboptimal experiences as customers navigate to your site on different screens with proper testing across devices and browsers.


JLL went through a full corporate rebranding to create consistent brand messaging across 47 regional websites and personalize its user experience globally. Partnering with Avionos to implement Adobe Experience Manager, Analytics, and Target, as well as improved business processes and data governance, led to:

1 %
Increase in contact form completions
1 %
Decrease in bounce rate
1 %
Increase in ABM engagement
1 %
Increase in purchase orders

Our design experts have helped brands like JLL, Brunswick, and Stewart Title deliver 5 Star Experiences to their customers. Leverage Avionos' UI/UX expertise to accelerate your results.

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