To Minimize Risk, Take a Rapid Innovation Approach to B2B Commerce

Many CIOs of B2B companies find themselves in uncharted waters as their organizations are confronted with creating an online experience that customers desire. The necessary technology capabilities are unlike those they have traditionally built before. As a result, CIOs can be cautious about what types of solutions they choose to invest in, or how they go about launching a new digital sales channel.

And while the benefits of a streamlined digital commerce channel for B2B businesses are plentiful, CIOs are wise to be tentative. Businesses that have not traditionally provided digital offerings (like many in the manufacturing and distribution industries) must implement a whole new set of unfamiliar capabilities, such as content management, eCommerce and marketing automation, which can be an intimidating endeavor.

Furthermore, implementation of traditional digital solutions has historically been costly and time-consuming. For many organizations, the conventional process can drain resources, leading to organizational fatigue prior to realizing promised results, and a significant delay in the timeline for payback.

How can CIOs start operating a digital channel while avoiding the pitfalls inherent in bringing new processes and technologies into an organization?

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