The Future of Consumer Commerce: Q&A with Sal Sorice

The Avionos A-Team is made up of many driven people looking for a challenge — executives, digital marketers, talent recruiters, business development representatives, and more. The foundation of any technology company is built through the hard work of expert developers. From front end to back end work, developing code and software is difficult. It takes an incredible skill set and it can be hard to come across a really good developer. Here at Avionos, however, we’ve got a whole dedicated team of them.

Meet Sal Sorice.

Not only is Sal an Application Development Group Manager and Senior Technical Consultant, but he’s achieved three different Salesforce certifications! We’ve asked Sal to sit down with us and answer some questions on life as a developer, the future of consumer commerce, favorite projects, and more. See why Sal believes he is the right to be an Avionos developer. Who knows, you might be one too!

In a few sentences, tell me how you got where you are today at Avionos.

“I started my career in my home state of Ohio, staying relatively close to my hometown working at a mid-sized marketing agency developing and implementing B2B and B2C eCommerce applications. From there I took a bit of a detour out to San Francisco for about two years working with some of the larger global consultancies before finally deciding that a smaller organization like Avionos where I could really have an impact and help to shape the organization for the future was where I really saw myself. After joining Avionos I quickly got up to speed on new technologies such as Salesforce B2B Commerce and eventually found myself as the Development Group Lead.”

What excites you about being able to develop on both Salesforce and Adobe?

“One of the biggest things that drew me to consulting to begin with was the opportunity to work with different clients who all do business differently and have complex business rules and requirements. That fits perfectly with working with a variety of different platforms and technologies such as Salesforce and Adobe. I think the most exciting part is that Salesforce and Adobe are some of the biggest players in their respective (and sometimes overlapping) spaces.”

What opportunities and challenges do you experience by being technology agnostic?

“Some of the biggest opportunities when being technology agnostic is that you have a much greater chance to work on new, exciting, and different technologies and clients. At past employers, I was typically focused on one technology, and that meant that I was tied to the typical client and implementation in that technology, which for someone like me who wants to do new and different things could be a bit repetitive. One thing that can be challenging for me when working with multiple technologies and remaining agnostic is keeping my knowledge and skill set of each of those technologies at a point where I could easily work effectively on any one of them.”

Where do you see the future of consumer commerce going? What about B2B commerce?

“I think this is a really tough question to answer because there is so much going on in the technology space that can be applied to commerce that it will be tough to say what is a novelty and what is the next standard. I think in the not too far off future commerce both digitally and with brick & mortar could see a complete upheaval. Things like retailers not keeping inventory but allowing customers to virtually try on every item in their catalog; suggesting sizes and colors based on what you’re currently wearing and data about the customer such as past purchase history; and allowing you to purchase in store and have in hand in the next few days. With B2B Commerce, I am seeing things trending more and more towards blending B2B processes with the experience of today’s consumer commerce. Things that historically weren’t critical to B2B organizations are becoming more and more important as more B2B purchasers become used to and familiarized with the highly customer focused experience of consumer commerce.”

What has been your favorite project to date? Why?

“I’ve worked on a number of great projects in my career, and it’s very difficult to pick any one that has been my favorite. For me, being a person that is highly passionate about technology, any project in the high tech space is incredibly fun and interesting to me. I had an opportunity to work on a project for a startup developing VR/MR technology which I really enjoyed because I was interested in their product long before I was a part of a project team.”

Why would you tell other developers to join Avionos?

“I think one of the fundamental principles of Avionos is making sure that no one is boxed in to any one technology, platform, or role for too long if they don’t want to be. For me and the other developers at Avionos, that means that we are always learning new things, working on different technologies, and having the opportunity to expand our own personal knowledge base and career far more frequently than I have seen at any other company I have worked. Above and beyond that, having an opportunity to join an organization that is still small enough to make an impact on the core values, culture, and processes that we spend our day to day following is incredible to me.”  

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