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Women in Tech: Chicago Shout Out

Being a woman in technology is a super power. While we continually hear about the incredible women making headway in San Francisco, New York, or London, it’s also important that we pay close attention to what is going on right near our homes. With Avionos being located in the heart of Chicago, we wanted to …

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Avionos Women’s Leadership Network: Words of Wisdom

What are the first descriptors that come to mind when you think of someone working in technology? Perhaps super smart, geek, socially awkward, or… male. It’s okay — we know the stereotypes and yes, some of them are true. Plenty of us in technology like to “geek” out or may love to write rigid requirements …

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OpEd: International Women’s Day – A Student’s Perspective

Dana Schwartz is a senior at Miami University, and a valued intern at Avionos. Let’s face it – the workforce, especially in the tech industry, is still dominated by men. With some of the most recent workplace conversations making major headlines, it is no surprise that there is some slight hesitation and angst for younger …

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Meet the #WomenInTech Making a Difference in the Avionos Home

As we are kicking off #WomenInTech, we thought, “What better place to start than by talking to women right here in the office?” Introducing two of Avionos’s very own – Mary Koberstein and Ashley O’ Connell!

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Rebecca Minkoff Wearable Technology – Women Influence Chicago

Purses, shoes, jackets, dresses, wallets… QR codes? To most, one of those seems not quite like the other. But, to Rebecca Minkoff, fashion and technology fits together like peanut butter and jelly. Rebecca Minkoff, the global lifestyle brand, embodies the millennial woman and her need for practicality, but desire for style. Last week, a few of …

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