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OpEd: A Call for Accountability on International Women’s Day

From historic headlines dismantling people who have abused their positions of power to take advantage or unfairly influence their female counterparts, to various marches and public displays of solidarity (I’m looking at you, Hollywood), there is no doubt that this year has seen a lot of momentum behind the push for women’s equality. Taking a …

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How a Diverse Workforce Impacts Your Organization – Featuring Gibson Smith

This past week, I had the opportunity to sit down with our Talent Acquisition Director, Gibson Smith, to discuss the value of having a team of talented, smart people in the workplace and what that means to the #WomenInTech movement.

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Supermodel Turned…Developer?

You’ve seen her on the cover of Vogue and walking the runways of Paris fashion week, but have you seen her behind the computer screen writing HTML? Doubtful. Karlie Kloss, an American supermodel and now, entrepreneur, is a leader in the push for #WomenInTech and continues to prove that women are, and will continue to be, influential …

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Profiles of #WomenInTech – featuring Kelly Stickel

Kelly Stickel, founder and CEO of Remodista and Women Influence Chicago, is a fantastic example of #WomeninTech. Recently, I sat down with Kelly to chat about herself, her work, and her advice for young girls interested in a career in technology.    

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Barbie Isn’t Just Hair & Clothes – She’s Teaching Young Girls to Code!

“Be who you wanna be, B-A-R-B-I-E, Barbie girl.” – the iconic quote that has been admired by young girls for ages. Over the years, we have seen Barbie take on over 150 careers and has been breaking glass ceilings since she first went to the moon in the 1960s. Mattel has helped young girls imagine …

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Girls Just Wanna Have Fun… In Tech Careers

Woods, Elle. A name that most women, (and men – even though they don’t want to admit it), have grown to associate with the pink hurricane topped with blonde hair who defied all odds to attend Harvard Law School in an attempt to get her ex-boyfriend back, but really just showed us all how to …

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