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CIO Priorities for the New Era of Digital Transformation

The role of the CIO has shifted from technology implementation to business strategy. Here are their top three priorities.
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Four Ways COVID-19 Will Impact the Role of Tech in the Workplace

The COVID-19 pandemic caused a near-overnight shift of the workforce. Jobs that previously were done in-office shifted to home-office the following day and companies had to figure out how to balance productivity, culture and flex work all at once, not to mention ways to keep their workforce healthy through it all. The changes reinforced what ...
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Rebecca Minkoff Wearable Technology – Women Influence Chicago

Purses, shoes, jackets, dresses, wallets… QR codes? To most, one of those seems not quite like the other. But, to Rebecca Minkoff, fashion and technology fits together like peanut butter and jelly. Rebecca Minkoff, the global lifestyle brand, embodies the millennial woman and her need for practicality, but desire for style. Last week, a few of ...
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