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Top Three Things Consumers Love about Online Shopping

Today’s business-to-consumer companies are divided into two distinct business models: digitally native or traditional retailers. Digitally native brands have built their company mainly if not solely through their online presence (like Casper or Warby Parker). Traditional retailers are brands that started as a brick-and-mortar store, but may have also created an online presence (like Kohl’s …

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Loyalty vs Acquisition: Who Wins Where?

by Group Manager Amey Shivapurkar  Each year the line between traditional retailers and digitally native brands becomes exponentially blurred. Customers expect the same experience no matter where they shop (in-store or online) and companies that struggle to adapt to these shifting demands will ultimately fall behind. Our recent B2C Buyer Report looked at two types …

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Convenience is Key for B2C Relationships

A typical week for many is a combination of work obligations, family and self-care, fitness schedules, meal prep, social events and of course shopping for whatever food or products are needed. Juggling all of those responsibilities can be a tough task. Unsurprisingly, the most important factor for positive shopping experiences is convenience. Whether your business …

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Target puts a bullseye on loyalty, customer engagement with Circle strategy

Target is rolling out a loyalty program, Target Circle, just in time for the holiday season with a debut on Oct. 6. The program requires no membership and offers customers the chance to earn 1% rewards on every Target trip, as well as early access to special sales and even a birthday treat during the …

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