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The Beginner’s Guide to Customer Data Platforms

It won’t surprise marketers to hear that data-driven marketing is here to stay. Rapidly evolving technology has driven expectations for digital experiences higher for over a decade. But transforming disparate data points into meaningful insights can be difficult. Don’t rely on data that’s siloed, outdated, or single-channel. Connecting engagement data from multiple sources using customer …

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The Benefits of an Integrated Commerce Experience

We often hear clients tell us their customers want it to be easier to do business with them online. Improving digital offerings is crucial- in our 2020 B2B Report, 88% of B2B buyers said they would turn to a competitor if their suppliers’ digital channels couldn’t keep up. Having the right platform and knowing how to use it effectively for your …

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Drive New Revenue with Account Based Marketing

B2B marketing often falls into the trap of using generalized language to address as many prospects as possible. But generic, impersonalized messages can fall flat, dissuading prospects from moving forward with a sale. In order to drive B2B marketing success, organizations need to deliver the personalized messages that customers expect. Account-based marketing is key to driving …

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Four Common ABM Roadblocks and How to Overcome Them

Effectively leveraging account-based marketing can accelerate your pipeline, increase target account engagement, and drive new business. But business-to-business marketing and sales teams often encounter roadblocks along the way that can derail even the most well-planned strategies. Avoid the four most common ABM roadblocks with advice from integrated marketing and experience management director Mary Schneeberger.   Marketing and …

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Prioritize and Transform with the 3 R’s: React, Rally, Recharge

This article is based on Mary Koberstein’s recent coffee chat on Analytics-Driven Prioritization. It’s been over a month since stay at home orders were issued across the US to address the COVID-19 pandemic. With more data coming in across the country and the world on COVID-19 cases and the impact on the economy, we wanted …

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