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Avionos report says 78% of consumers will shop with retailers offering personalised experiences – Enterprise Times

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B2B eCommerce lags behind B2C for customer experience – Enterprise Times

Thanks to the rise of eCommerce, retail has changed beyond recognition over the last 10 years. What once required the journey to a physical bricks and mortar store, can now be achieved far quicker through digital channels. And this is not only revolutionising the way we shop in our leisure time, but also how we …

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B2B buyers spend more to purchase through effective eCommerce channels – Enterprise Times

Eighty-three percent of B2B buyers will spend more to purchase products from suppliers that offer robust eCommerce experiences, according to a survey by Avionos. The report explores the purchasing habits of 160 US-based, B2B procurement officers. The results show this trend will only increase as millennials continue to replace baby boomers in the workforce. -Enterprise …

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