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How B2B Buyer Behavior Has Changed in Light of COVID-19, and What Marketers and Sellers Can Do Now – eMarketer

COVID-19 has certainly disrupted society both in how we interact with each other and how businesses and consumers communicate. Here’s what you should know.

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Search in 2020 – eMarketer

Searching for information is one of the oldest and most common online activities. We forecast that more than 85% of US internet users, or 246.4 million people, will search online at least monthly in 2020.

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Amazon Continues to Entice Consumers with Free Shipping, Even for Simple Toiletries – eMarketer

Most consumers want a product delivered the second they order it, and Amaon is betting on that behavior to drive more sales by offering free one-day shipping on Prime-eligible products.

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Delivery Speed Can Make or Break a Customer Experience

In a January 2019 survey from digital consultancy Avionos, the largest share of US digital shoppers said that fast shipping makes for a positive retail experience—more so than an easy return policy, friendly customer service reps, or buy online, pick up in-store (BOPUS) options.

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The Future of Retail in 2019 – eMarketer

Retail is in the midst of a radical transformation. Rapidly shifting consumer habits, fast-changing technologies and challenging competitive dynamics are all occurring against an overall positive economic backdrop. Direct-to-consumer brand thrive, B&M look to more experiential marketing and look out for voice commerce & social commerce. – eMarketer

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What Do Marketers and Cord-Cutters Have in Common? – eMarketer – eMarketer

A marketing cloud is no longer the hot new technology—it’s now a fundamental part of how leading companies execute their digital marketing strategies. But like consumers, marketers have growing expectations, and they increasingly demand more flexibility from their cloud providers. – eMarketer

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