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Adtalem Uses Drupal and Salesforce to Transform Customer Experiences

Building B2B buying experiences that feel like B2C shopping isn’t easy. But businesses that fall behind run the risk of losing market share: 88% of B2B buyers said they’d turn to a competitor if their supplier’s digital channel couldn’t keep up with their needs. Another 81% said they’d choose a supplier with excellent eCommerce and …

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5 Ways to Make Your Business More Convenient for Customers – CO

A convenient shopping experience is on everyone’s wish list, but just how important is that convenience factor? More than you may think.

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How to Build Customer Relationships — and Why You Should

Having a loyal customer base is a key component of a successful and long-lasting brand. Customer acquisition is only a small piece of the puzzle. There are plenty of ways to build customer relationships and there is no single right path. Instead, brands should meet customers where they are in terms of wants and needs …

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