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10 Ways to Get Ahead in Voice Search – CMSWire

How can brands and marketers begin their voice-search programs and help consumers find them through voice?

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8 Tips For Finding the Right Technology Implementation Partner – CMSWire

Choosing the right technology partner is critical when you consider customer experience management. Further, the rising costs of software implementations like those with Digital Experience Platforms (DXPs) make it even more important to find the right tech partner.

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Will Microsoft Acquire Adobe? – CMSWire

Scott Webb, president at Adobe partner Avionos, told CMSWire when asked if a Microsoft-Adobe acquisition would make sense that it would be a direct reflection of where customers are going; looking to have more capability to draw customers into marketing and commerce. “We already see this with the relationship between Dynamics CRM and the Adobe …

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6 Things to Know About SAP’s $8 Billion Qualtrics Acquisition – CMSWire

Experts said the SAP-Qualtrics deal underscores the need to marry operational data with experience data, a marriage that is fundamental to the future of effective data-driven marketing. CMSWire caught up with these experts when news of the deal broke. – CMSWire

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