Search & Merch Functionality: How Younger B2B Buyers are Raising the Stakes

Today’s  online buyers  are eCommerce native.   Their buying behavior is splashed across retail sites and social media purchases, and their inboxes are flooded with recommendations from their favorite stores. They expect an online storefront to not only provide search results, but to recommend products that they may need in the future – and in the right size, color, and price range.   As younger B2B buyers gain purchasing power, they expect the same level of personalized attention in their eCommerce interactions.  And unsurprisingly, suppliers that can’t keep up won’t retain market share. In our most recent study, Avionos found that  88% of B2B buyers would turn to a competitor if a supplier’s channel can’t keep up.  A one-time eCommerce mistake can quickly turn into a long-term loss. But creating real-world strategy that mirrors consumer-driving eCommerce experiences isn’t easy. The complexities of B2B buying have made eCommerce personalization difficult to achieve in the B2B space.   Avionos  and  Bloomreach  have bridged this gap with an integration into the Salesforce B2B Commerce storefront. This feature delivers targeted product results, drives personalized commerce and product recommendations, and returns results that include only the products a customer can access at the price they have negotiated.   Making the complex seem simple is the key to  Avionos  and  Bloomreach’s  Salesforce B2B Commerce integration. Clients can boost or bury product results within Salesforce B2B Commerce, creation personalized interactions closely resembling the consumer shopping experience. Plus, improved product discoverability leads to decreased site abandonment and increased conversion rates.   Creating intuitive, consumer-like B2B buying experiences is a no-brainer. Adapting to the expectations of younger B2B buyers can create brand loyalty earlier in the consumer lifecycle – meaning increased recurring purchases and long-term revenue boosts.  To learn more about Bloomreach’s Salesforce B2B Commerce integration for search and merchandising, check out this blog or this press release. Contact us to learn how we can help you create a better search experience for your B2B customers.   

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