Salesforce World Tour – Key Takeaways from our Partners

Last week, some of our Avionos employees had the opportunity to attend Salesforce World Tour in Chicago. Making appearances in a number of cities around the world, Salesforce World Tour is a one day event that brings together “the power of the Customer Success Platform and the world’s smartest CRM solution” while showcasing how it can best help you in your business. The World Tour also hosts a Customer Success Expo in each city. At this expo, attendees have the opportunity to discover the newest Salesforce products while engaging with experts and interacting with hundreds of other clients and partners. Salesforce World Tour offers a forward-thinking perspective focused on unifying the experience for the Connected Customer.  Client executives Drew Wilson and Justin Janczewski highlight three key takeaways from the conference: 1) eCommerce and the Evolution of the Buy Button There once was a time when retail didn’t need digital to succeed, but those are days long gone. Digital features are constantly evolving and are imperative to a retailer’s overall success in the market. One such advancement is the Buy Now button. Have you ever been scrolling through your social feed and wanted to learn more about a product that’s advertised, or received a promotional email and liked the featured products but got lost when redirected to the brand site? Well, the evolution of the buy button is going to help you get answers and will enable a transaction at the point of interaction. Essentially, the idea has gone from buying on the brand base sites, to buying on a social channel (i.e. Instagram, Facebook, etc), to buying directly through email or wherever is most convenient for you. For example, instead of clicking on a linked product from an Instagram photo and being pushed back to the brand site, customers can now buy directly within Instagram and eliminate the extra steps to purchase. 2) Digital Business Simplicity Through the practice of Digital Business Simplicity, collaboration is enabled by connecting vital channels together – like eCommerce, social and on-premise – to create a friendly digital environment, not only for your peers, but for your customers. By enabling a connected and efficient collaboration process, businesses can advertise and target specific customers through any platform (i.e. social media, SMS, calling into the support center), and customers can make a purchase from any device no matter where they are. 3) Salesforce’s Einstein Predictive analytics has been a hot topic as of late – with tools like Salesforce Marketing Cloud enabling marketers with tons of data, what is a marketer supposed to do with all of that information? Salesforce’s Einstein leverages Artificial Intelligence to help marketers sift through data to deliver predictions and recommendations based on the brand’s unique business processes. Armed with hyper-targeted data and suggestions, marketers can craft a more relevant and connected experience to deliver to their customers at just the right moment. Want to hear more about these trends? Be sure to add your name to the wait list for announcements about Dreamforce 2017!

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