Salesforce Marketing Cloud vs. Pardot

How do B2B organizations market effectively in the digital space? How do marketers decide between Salesforce Marketing cloud and Pardot? We offer a comprehensive breakdown.

When B2B organizations think of stacking a marketing automation solution on top of their existing Salesforce environment, one question continuously comes up. Should we go with Marketing Cloud or Pardot? Although the answer is different for most organizations, it’s helpful to understand the differences between the two offerings.

If an org is generally new to marketing automation, Pardot might be the best choice. Within Pardot, lead scoring and lead nurturing are easy to configure and can quickly drive value into a company’s existing salesforce environment. Pardot also makes it easy to create effective B2B email campaigns. Through a series of easy steps, Pardot can deliver targeted and relevant content to a group of customers.

Marketing Cloud is the robust multi-channel marketing automation tool that sits on top of your salesforce environment. At Avionos, we’ve seen that the Marketing Cloud can help companies create unique 1:1 customer relationship through things like journey-mapping, asset management, and online personalization tools.

Whether that be through the use of the Marketing Cloud or Pardot, our goal at Avionos is to give you a customer engagement solution to better connect customers to your brand.

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