Smart reactions drive aggressive growth.

Already a leading chemical distributor, Nexeo set an ambitious goal designed to take it to the next level: double its customer base in just 3 years —in the middle of a digital transformation designed to improve marketing, sales and service capabilities.

To jump-start customer conversions, our digital marketing team began implementing Salesforce marketing cloud encompassing 10+ customer journeys, 20+ unique email templates and multiple role-based dashboards. To ensure that Nexeo could maximize its new tools from day one, we also planned, implemented and led hands-on training, devising a Nexeo-specific curriculum that included Salesforce, Trailhead and original content tailored to defined user roles.

Nexeo’s marketing cloud was live in 8 weeks — with pilot delivery rates cresting 97%, 30+ first-week qualified leads and hundreds of dormant customers reactivated within days.

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