Little CEOs Entrepreneurship Camp

AGLN Little CEOs Camp

Avionos Women's Leadership Network Presents: Avionos Girl's Leadership Network

Preparing Young Girls to Build Their Own Inclusive Tables

July 27-31, 1-2 PM CST Daily No Registration Fees

Join the Avionos Girls Leadership Network (AGLN) for a week of learning and confidence-building. Our virtual training will teach young girls about branding, technology, and entrepreneurship — and prepare young girls to build their own inclusive tables as professional adults. At the end of the camp, each girl will leave with an overview of their dream business – and the confidence to get it off the ground.

All activities will be lead by members of Avionos Women’s Leadership Network with experience in digital strategy and marketing. Learn more about our camp leaders through their LinkedIn profiles:

Camp Schedule

Prior to Day 1:

  • Parents receive instructions for leadership camp, including:
      • Zoom links
      • Printables
      • Daily schedules

Day 1, July 27: What is Personal Branding?

  • Introductions and Icebreakers
  • Girls will talk about what they enjoy, what they’re proud of, and what makes them unique
  • Meet with your mentor in a small group with other girls

Day 2, July 28: What Is Entrepreneurship?

  • How to connect “what I like” and “what problem can I solve?”
  • Learning about other young girl CEOs
  • Mentor meeting

Day 3, July 29: Different Kinds of Businesses

  • What do businesses do?
  • What kind of businesses are out there, and where do my interests fit in?
  • Mentor meeting

Day 4, July 30: Telling People About Your Business

  • How does your business make people feel?
  • Who is your business for? How can you tell them about your business?Mentor meeting

Day 5, July 31: Business Showcase

  • Friends and family join the Zoom call to learn about our businesses!
  • Tell us all about what your business does, how you created it, and why you’re excited
About AWLN

AWLN connects women with supportive and diverse allies that build personal and professional relationships to drive growth, inclusivity and innovation in the Avionos community to drive infinite possibilities. You can learn more about Avionos here, or join the A-Team here.

About AGLN

Founded and sponsored by members of AWLN, Avionos Girl’s Leadership Network offers opportunities for mentorship, networking, and connection to future CEOs across the country. AGLN aims to inspire girls to not only get a seat at the table, but to confidently build their own inclusive tables.

About Avionos

Avionos designs and implements digital commerce and marketing solutions that deliver measurable business outcomes for our clients. Our collaborative and iterative approach drives immediate results, unlocking new revenue, transforming customer experiences, and driving customer engagement.

Registration is Full!

Thank you for your interest in AGLN’s Little CEOs Camp! We have reached our maximum number of registrations for this camp. To be the first to know about openings for future camps, please sign up for our Avionos Women’s Leadership Network mailing list below.

At Avionos, we focus on outcomes, on measurable wins that hit your bottom line within a quarter – things like growing revenue, lowering customer acquisition costs, reducing customer churn and tightening customer loyalty – delivered via pre-configured connected and cloud technologies that work together from day one.

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