Develop Digital Intelligence and Drive Business Results

Develop Digital Intelligence: 2020 Integrated Marketing Playbook

Develop Digital Intelligence Capabilities to Prove Marketing ROI

As rapidly evolving technology drives customer expectations higher and higher, it’s imperative that brands deliver personalized experiences at every step in the customer lifecycle. With each new touch point comes increased accessibility to immense amounts of data, which means digital intelligence is more important than ever before.

Digital is already integrating itself into every part of business. Now it’s time to harness unruly data to inform future decisions. Data intelligence, or the effective use of data insights to drive informed business decisions, is the most important capability businesses can develop. Shifting from blind data capture to driving optimized customer interactions leads to greater marketing ROI and long-term process optimization.

Inside the Playbook

  • What Is Digital Intelligence?
  • 3 Challenges to Developing Digital Intelligence
  • Measuring Marketing Success: Key Performance Indicators and Related Technology
  • Applying Digital Intelligence to Marketing KPIs
  • Worksheet: Foundational Steps to Establishing Digital Intelligence
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