Westlake Chemical, an international manufacturer and supplier of petrochemicals and building products, is in the middle of a digital transformation and is focused on better self-service for its Compounds customers. With a goal of establishing a leadership position in digital experiences, Westlake directed its focus to delivering excellent self-service and commerce capabilities. They also needed to update their public website and product merchandising capabilities.​


Avionos team members were able to design digital experiences with B2B Commerce at the core of Westlake’s customer self-service, public product catalogs, and commerce. Avionos’ experience building complex solutions with Salesforce, coupled with our 5 Star Experience Model for Commerce, was the answer to Westlake’s digital experience dilemma.​


Avionos’ B2B Commerce implementation created a digital experience that accommodates customers’ numerous online objectives, including product and service discovery; custom pricing requests; online ordering; document access; and post-purchase self-service and status updates. The solution integrated the digital experience with existing sales and service business processes to maintain and improve team alignment. ​


Salesforce B2B Commerce

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