The Macallan, a high-end whiskey distillery, was having difficulty managing overall engagement and connecting to their end-consumers. The Macallan wanted a site that engaged US customers and integrated various marketing activities that would allow the team to collect customer data.


Avionos provided digital strategy services to guide The Macallan from planning to launch and, later, marketing automation practices. Avionos built and designed multiple microsites that integrated Salesforce CRM to help capture customer information. By consolidating customer information into one tool, The Macallan can now engage with their consumers on a continual basis through automatic platforms that reinforce the brand’s name.


Now enabled with Salesforce CRM to nurture customer information, The Macallan’s subscriber list grew to more than 60,000 members in the first 6 months. Now, The Macallan is able to capture customer information through various sites that promote events, product purchases and newsletter sign-ups.


Salesforce, Umbraco, MailChimp

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