Stewart Title offers comprehensive services across residential and commercial title insurance as well as closing and settlement services. The company was operating on an outdated AEM codebase and had an unintuitive site design leading to low online conversion rates. High turnover and lack of documentation on their marketing and IT teams meant there were knowledge gaps that prevented digital experience improvements. Stewart Title’s new CEO prioritized digital transformation in a traditional industry, leading them to reevaluate their online experience across over 150 microsites.


Using AvionosAdobe Amplify Solutions Atlas and Content Velocity, which provide a blueprint for launching and optimizing web design and AEM Assets, Stewart was able to use the right templates, components, and content to launch each of its 150 microsites in 1-2 days instead of 3-4 weeks. Its public brand is consistent, messaging is easy to update, and the team is using the latest and greatest assets on all of its digital sites. Additionally, with Avionos Operate Managed Support Services, Stewart Title can trust their business-critical site is updated, secure, and optimized.


After leveraging Avionos Atlas and Avionos Content Velocity, Stewart Title: 

  • Acquired over 50 companies during 2020
  • Refreshed and rebranded 150+ microsites 
  • Saw 92% decrease in time to launch for all microsites


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