Stepan, one of the largest surfactant manufacturers in the world, needed a better way to manage their website. The company has a wide range of product offerings and wanted to build their eCommerce capabilities while creating a positive digital journey for customers. 


Stepan partnered with Avionos to implement Adobe Experience Manager, Analytics and Target, producing a modern user experience including enterprise analytics and personalization capabilities.

The new platform enabled Stepan’s marketing team to make content enhancements and implement geographic personalization without development support. Stepan and Avionos are continuing to scale the foundational experience with Adobe to additional properties focusing on data-driven optimization.


After launch, Stepan saw:

  • Improved customer experience
  • 5% decrease in bounce rate
  • 17% increase in product search
  • 17% increase in order requests 

Get all the details in our joint webinar with Stepan. Watch here.


Adobe Experience Manager

Adobe Analytics

Adobe Target

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