Rotary International, who’s goal is to promote humanitarian services and peace worldwide, was using Adobe Analytics and Dynamic Tag Management (DTM) for their reporting and analytics solution. With DTM approaching sunset, Rotary was seeking to migrate existing tags to Adobe Launch and mature their current reporting and analytics solution to gain a deeper understanding of customer behavior. 


To build for Rotary’s future state analytics vision, Avionos performed a current state assessment to benchmark performance and create a roadmap to enable advanced analytics and personalization capabilities. Avionos upgraded Rotary’s tagging solution from DTM to Launch and implemented advanced tagging across all 8 site domains for consistent tracking. These analytics optimizations are laying the foundation for improved targeting of personalized experiences and increased insights for donations.


After executing enhancements, Rotary saw:

  • 33% increase in donations
  • 64% increase in grants
  • 14% decreased in bounce rate
  • 53% in page load time 


Adobe Analytics

Adobe Launch

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