Parata Systems designs, builds, sells and supports technology solutions that enable pharmacies to dispense prescriptions with greater accuracy and speed. For more than five years, Parata had used an eCommerce platform that often resulted in checkout failures. That combined with an acquisition that doubled its customer volume, shifted them into a more enterprise-focused customer base, triggered Parata’s need for a new eCommerce solution. The more complex commerce needs required platform that supported Parata’s customers’ unique order requirements, had seamless checkout, and could be rolled out quickly.


Avionos supported Parata’s vendor search, educating them on how Salesforce B2B Commerce Quick Start solved its business challenges and could go live faster. Avionos served as the trusted advisor providing Parata with quick, experienced recommendations that allowed the company to create a combination of features that set the company up for future success. Parata was able to go live with their B2B Commerce portal in weeks. 


Through a phased roll out – internal, beta, and customer-facing – Parata has received significantly fewer complaints and a noticeable uptick in consumables sales.​ 

Learn more in our webinar with Parata here.


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