Since 1856, Orvis has offered its customers distinctive clothing, high-end fly fishing, hunting and sporting goods. The company has an extensive asset library, with images dating back decades, that was scattered in multiple locations with no taxonomy. This disorganized approach to asset management led to long hours searching for files, use of expired assets, and inefficient team productivity.


Orvis chose Avionos to implement Adobe AEM-Assets, set up the metadata and taxonomy structure needed to make any asset instantly findable, and onboard and train the creative team. During the discovery and implementation, Avionos developed workflow best practices for Orvis to efficiently use AEM. For instance, email notifications were created to notify users of expiring digital rights and flags were used to mark expired assets, preventing improper use and potential fines. Avionos customized AEM-Assets to enable product data to live in AEM while the company transitions to a traditional PIM.


Avionos’ implementation of Adobe DAM enabled Orvis’ 50-person creative group to align their workflows using AEM-Assets. This decreased the time spent handling manual digital asset processes, increased efficiency in finding and using the correct assets, and decreased the risk of using outdated assets. The Orvis creative and marketing teams now have more time to focus on high quality promotions and messaging. Since implementation, digital ordering has increased by 12% and email capture rate has increased by 400%.


Adobe Experience Manager Assets, Adobe Digital Asset Manager

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