Northern Trust, a global leader in delivering innovative investment management, asset and fund administration, were facing challenges stemming from two legacy enterprise CRM systems including Salesforce and PeopleSoft. These disparate systems meant that offshore teams and brokers had to enter customer data twice into the separate systems – leaving the quality of updates and data entry solely up to manual data entry. If data wasn’t entered correctly or in both systems, it meant that users would struggle to access important customer data.


After evaluating the existing technology landscape and CRM architecture, Avionos used Oracle Fusion middleware to create a near real-time orchestration of data between Salesforce and the client’s legacy PeopleSoft CRM system.​


As a result of the integration architecture work performed by the Avionos team, Northern Trust is now able to implement an automated systematic solution. This solution allows them to reassign a team of support staff whose original job was to manually sync modified data between the two CRM systems.  The automated solution reduced the number of errors made and provided greater visibility into data exceptions when the customer information could not be matched in the two systems.

Northern Trust saw:

  • 80% reduction in customer data entry
  • 25% increase in data accuracy
  • 24x more frequent data synchronization


Salesforce, Oracle Fusion


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