KEMET Electronics Corporation, a leading global supplier of electronic components, was seeking a strategic partner to lead and execute an assessment of current-state digital capabilities and provide a strategic roadmap for investing to improve their digital capabilities and customer experience. They needed to build out platform capabilities to support a hybrid approach of servicing large and small customers, while focusing on the needs of long-tail customers and growing that business.


Avionos completed a 6-week assessment which analyzed KEMET’s current state and digital maturity and determined where they should invest in their technology and skills based on B2B trends and insights. After the assessment Avionos delivered a strategic roadmap with an emphasis on streamlining internal processes and externally unifying KEMET’s web channels.


As a result, KEMET increased their Marketing Organization headcount, and made a commitment to mature their capabilities. KEMET is currently in the process of several implementations based on the completed roadmap.


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