HMH had integrated more than 35 distinct websites across various business units into one cohesive B2C web presence. But the site suffered from poor performance and architectural design. Furthermore, they needed to extend the site to B2B as well, with an extremely urgent deadline to meet a 3-month purchase window.



Avionos identified architectural issues with the B2C site, implemented short-term solutions, and developed a series of long-term options to proactively address future performance issues. Bypassing the typical feature-based implementation, Avionos instead adopted a “SWAT Team” approach to meet the aggressive schedule, using agile development principles like assuming lead contractor responsibilities, prioritizing the highest revenue-generating items, and establishing daily checkpoints with the client to ensure progress.


Avionos delivered on time and on budget, allowing HMH to meet their customer’s 3-month purchase window. Now, HMH has long-term options to prevent future performance issues.



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