One of the largest standards development organizations in North America, CSA Group realized that providing an amazing customer experience is critical to achieving its vision. CSA embraced digital transformation to rethink how its customers find, purchase, and consume the standards content that they rely on.

As a CloudCraze Platinum Partner, Avionos was an expert implementation provider with deep understanding of the platform. That combined with its extensive user experience expertise, Avionos was uniquely positioned to lead the creative design, user experience and technology delivery for CSA Group.


To accomplish this transformation, CSA standardized using six Salesforce solutions to create a simple digital experience for their customers that combined purchase options into one site that seamlessly flows into the OnDemand content experience.


Improved search results and streamlined checkout process led to a 33% increase in conversions, 50% growth in online revenue, and a 24% increase in average order value. Avionos’ robust design with a better user experience resulted in a decrease in bounce rate by 49%.


Salesforce B2B Commerce, Lightning Communities, Integration Cloud, Marketing, Sales, and Service Cloud, Mulesoft

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