Brunswick, a market leader in the marine industry, was starting their digital transformation across their boat brand sites with AEM, Analytics and Target, and was seeking to improve web analytics and connect disparate marketing data systems. The Brunswick team partnered with Avionos for our expertise across measurement, analytics and personalization to develop insights on site performance across brands.


Avionos developed an enterprise SEO, measurement and KPI strategy for Brunswick to align stakeholders across multiple brands and business units on the definition of success and content strategy. Once gaining alignment on the strategy, Avionos implemented Adobe Analytics and Adobe Target via Launch to provide consistent data, reporting and testing capabilities.


This implementation provided the foundation for closed-loop reporting and personalization. Brunswick saw a significant increase in marketing qualified leads and now has an enterprise multi-brand SEO and measurement strategy.

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Adobe Experience Manager, Adobe Analytics, Launch, Target, Salesforce Sales Cloud and Pardot


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