After working with the Avionos delivery team to launch multiple B2B Commerce portals across LatAm, Europe and North America, Brenntag came to Managed Services to maintain governance and stability during their upgrade to Salesforce B2B Commerce on Lightning. They needed flexibility in support hours to implement enhancements, maintain site security, and ensure 100% uptime for their business-critical sites.


The Managed Services team works in parallel with the Avionos project delivery team to implement enhancements and support incidents. As the upgrade to Salesforce B2B Commerce Lightning continues, Avionos Operate Managed Services supports smooth rollout procedures and change management for the entire global business.


Managed Services continues to ensure that all enhancements are carried out correctly and technical risks are mitigated throughout LatAm, North America and Europe. The B2B Lightning team will be using allotted support hours to train and familiarize Brenntag teams to ensure increased ROI and employee adoption to the upgraded platform. 

  • 100% uptime for global business-critical sites
  • 88% backlog closure to date 
  • 27% of tickets submitted are enhancement requests
  • 17 countries within LatAm and North America supported, including site customization for local tax codes, languages, etc. 


Salesforce B2B Commerce Lightning

Integration with Mulesoft, Oracle, and SAP

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