Adtalem Global Education, a leading global education provider for degree and non-degree seeking students, needed to determine which platform was robust enough to meet their unique and complex commerce and content needs. Salesforce B2B Commerce was a consideration, but there were significant concerns about Adtalem’s website instability, inflexibility, and performance issues. ​


Avionos quickly engaged its team of Salesforce B2B Commerce and content experts and presented a solution architecture that addressed Adtalem executives’ concerns. Solution implementation aimed to drive revenue by increasing site stability and enabling customers to easily complete transactions. Additionally, simplifying the operating model and business rules enables ease of use for Adtalem employees. This detailed map gave the executive team the confidence to move forward with a Salesforce solution.


Salesforce B2B Commerce is now targeted as the global commerce engine for all Adtalem business units and global markets. Adtalem’s site has seen double digit improvement for same-day sales, and is now 35% faster overall with load times of under 1 second for top pages. Since launch, the site has shown 100% uptime thanks to a more stable backend integration.


Salesforce B2B Commerce

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