Strategizing for Success in 2021

Achieve Your KPIs with Better Digital Strategy

Foundational Strategy for Tech Success

View the Webinar Recording with Strategy Director Mousumi Behari

Recorded December 3, 2020 at 1PM CT

Fast-changing digital expectations in 2020 required businesses to react fast and remain agile, implementing new processes and technology in weeks instead of years. But moving fast brought to light roadblocks like technological debt, multiple instances of platforms, insufficient training, or unclean data. And without polices and processes in place to support a long-term digital shift, businesses were left struggling to deliver 5 star digital experiences to their customers. While stopgap measures worked in the beginning of 2020, it’s become obvious that businesses need to focus on long-lasting digital solutions that will support customer expectations long after COVID-19.

Join digital strategy director Mousumi Behari in a webinar covering key strategies that can drive real results for your business in 2021. Have additional questions? Send them to us here.

Mousumi Behari leads the Digital Strategy practice at Avionos. With extensive experience in ecommerce strategy and implementation in both the B2B and B2C space, she is focused on helping retailers enable their digital journey through prioritized, data driven decisions. Mousumi focuses on helping businesses define their strategic goals, build the right KPI model to measure those goals, mature business capabilities and finally ensure the adoption and engagement of technology for a successful project. Mousumi has written and been quoted in several articles on digital transformation, including in Yahoo, Modern Retail, and Business Insider. Connect with Mousumi on LinkedIn here.

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