Improving Digital Experiences for B2B Ecommerce

High-Impact Wins with B2B Strategy and Analytics

Great Digital Experiences are Non-Negotiable for B2B Buyers.

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For B2B businesses, the gap between digital trailblazers and laggards has never been greater. Digital experiences and expectations continue to advance, and B2B businesses need to improve their digital footprint quickly to deliver better customer experiences. In fact, the stakes are higher than ever: 88% of B2B buyers stated they’d turn to a competitor if a supplier’s digital channel couldn’t keep up with their needs.

B2B ecommerce sites are the next wave of customers we see working to improve their digital footprints. From product information to seamless checkouts, there are common areas where B2B businesses can streamline the path to purchase and drive digital revenue through improved experiences. And those that innovate effectively stand to see the benefit: 81% of B2B buyers said they’d choose a supplier with excellent eCommerce and digital capabilities even if the supplier’s product or service was moderately higher priced.

Where should B2B businesses start their journey to delivering 5 Star Experiences? In this webinar, Mousumi Behari and Mary Schneeberger highlight how to use data analytics and B2B-tailored strategies to find high-impact wins for your buyers.

In This Webinar

  • What is a digital customer experience?
  • What are the keys to a successful B2B customer portal?
  • What are some quick wins for B2B businesses to create a big customer impact?
  • When is the right time to start rolling our experiential changes?
  • How do you create a program that continuously decides what features will make the most ROI?
  • How do I know what areas of my site to optimize first?
  • How do I use data to deliver a personalized experience?
  • When is localization a must-have versus a nice-to-have?

Meet Our Speakers

Mousumi Behari leads the Digital Strategy practice at Avionos. With extensive experience in ecommerce strategy and implementation in both the B2B and B2C space, she is focused on helping retailers enable their digital journey through prioritized, data driven decisions. Mousumi focuses on helping businesses define their strategic goals, build the right KPI model to measure those goals, mature business capabilities and finally ensure the adoption and engagement of technology for a successful project. Mousumi has written and been quoted in several articles on digital transformation, including in YahooModern Retail, and Business Insider. Connect with Mousumi on LinkedIn here.

Mary Schneeberger leads the Marketing Experience practice at Avionos. She has extensive experience collaborating with clients and is qualified across several digital channels and industries. Her recent projects include work on digital governance strategy, marketing automation strategy, and digital transformation. She’s been featured in several articles about integrated marketing, most recently in Martech Zone. Connect with Mary on LinkedIn.

About Avionos
Avionos designs and implements digital commerce and marketing solutions that deliver measurable business outcomes for our clients. Our collaborative and iterative approach drives immediate results, unlocking new revenue, transforming customer experiences, and driving customer engagement.
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