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About the Demo

B2B buyers are looking for digital one-stop-shop pre-purchase, during purchase, and post purchase. And with 88% of buyers stating they would turn to a competitor if a supplier’s digital channel can’t keep up with their needs, the stakes have never been higher to rise to demand.

Meeting and exceeding expectations for service improves customer satisfaction and operational efficiency. As B2C experiences influence B2B buying expectations, more and more buyers are looking for self-service options. Self service options for your customers can:

  • Allow buyers to access product information and training
  • Resolve product issues by providing troubleshooting info and how-to articles
  • Access transaction history
  • Resolve ordering issues and changes

Join Avionos principal Craig Traxler as he demos self-service portal capabilities in Salesforce B2B Commerce. Want to learn more about our history with Salesforce? Click here.


Meet the Speaker

Craig Traxler is a principal and founder at Avionos with over 30 years of experience in consulting, management, and systems integration. He has started and led practices in customer relationship management, business intelligence, enterprise integration, CPQ, and digital commerce. He has spent the past 10 years helping customers integrate digital experiences with traditional CRM business processes with particular focus on the Salesforce Ecosystem. His past projects include CSA Group and Kellogg’s. 

Connect with Craig on LinkedIn here.

About Avionos
Avionos designs and implements digital commerce and marketing solutions that deliver measurable business outcomes for our clients. Our collaborative and iterative approach drives immediate results, unlocking new revenue, transforming customer experiences, and driving customer engagement.
At Avionos, we focus on outcomes, on measurable wins that hit your bottom line within a quarter – things like growing revenue, lowering customer acquisition costs, reducing customer churn and tightening customer loyalty – delivered via pre-configured connected and cloud technologies that work together from day one.

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