Data-Driven Revolution: How CDPs are Transforming Digital Marketing

The Data-Driven Revolution:

How Customer Data Platforms are Transforming Digital Marketing

Data-Driven Marketing is Here to Stay.

The data-driven revolution is here. Rapidly evolving technology has been driving higher expectations for B2B and B2C digital customer experiences for over a decade. Delivering on seamless experiences is non-negotiable: 88% of buyers stated they’d turn to a competitor if a supplier’s digital channel couldn’t keep up with their needs. And the added pressure on marketers not only to prove ROI, but to drive exponential growth, raises the stakes even further. Brands are at a tipping point: deliver personalized, effective experiences or risk losing market share to competitors.

The good news? Increased digital interaction means increased accessibility to immense amounts of customer data. By harnessing the power of your customer data to inform future decisions, you can drive real marketing ROI no matter your industry. Shifting from blind data capture to driving optimized customer interactions leads to long-term process optimization, increased engagement, and more MQLs in the funnel.

In This White Paper

  • Introduction to CDP
  • What is a Customer Data Platform?
  • How Does a CDP Work?
  • CDP Examples
  • Benefits of a Customer Data Platform
  • The Difference Between CDP and CRM
  • What is Data-Driven Marketing?
  • Case Studies and Client Successes

What Can CDPs Do For Me?

  • De-silo customer data
  • Improve data privacy and adhere to compliance laws and regulations
  • Increase agility and make improvements on the fly
  • Make data more available to key stakeholders
  • Improve customer experiences
  • Improve efficiency
  • Drive – and prove – marketing ROI
  • Increase marketing engagement
  • Empower data-informed personalization
  • Increase customer retention and lifetime value
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