5 Mistakes to Avoid During CMS Platform Selection

5 Mistakes to Avoid During CMS Platform Selection

Select the Right CMS for Today & Tomorrow

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The world of content management has become increasingly complicated, evolving to address complexities like content production, content reuse, user permission management, digital rights management, content discoverability and more. Implementing the right CMS platform effectively can increase efficiency and streamline internal and external processes.

But selecting a content management platform isn’t a moment-in-time decision; platforms must not only suit the current need, but also grow with the future of your company. Choosing the right platform is critical operationalizing it and driving better experiences and ROI. In this webinar, Experience Management Practice Lead Paul Michelotti outlines the key missteps to avoid when selecting and implementing a CMS platform for your organization.

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  • Date: Tuesday October 25, 2019
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    • How CMS platforms have evolved to address increasingly complex content management requirements
    • How to identify outcomes from CMS implementation that are most important to the future of your organization
    • Common mistakes in CMS selection to avoid in order to increase ROI and accelerate platform adaptation
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