Avionos Wants Business Development Representatives

Location: Chicago, IL

Avionos is changing the digital services delivery model with an outcomes-based client relationship. We are doing cool things with partners like Salesforce and  Adobe to integrate eCommerce, strategy, CRM, and integrated marketing platforms. Avionos is a team of digital experts our clients stay “Always On” for their customers.

We’ve been raised in the digital space. We focus on outcomes, on measurable wins that enable our clients – things like growing revenue, lowering customer acquisition costs, reducing customer churn and tightening customer loyalty.

We are a group of serial entrepreneurs with a history of scaling successful companies.  We are scrappy and self-sustaining.  Our executive team is rooted in commerce, starting with former companies Acquity Group and CloudCraze. Leadership boasts an open-door policy.  Close interaction with senior digital management ignites your career.

The value of our business development representative

We know talent drives our success and our employees are the cornerstone of growth. We create a transformational career experience, giving you ownership of your career path now.

Our vocation is to build a great company and change a market. Our philosophy for our employees is simple: be challenged on a daily basis and love the work you do. We foster a culture infused with innovation, collaboration, and community.

A day in the life of a business development representative

Our Inside Sales team hunts new clients by reaching out to offer Avionos’ unique outcomes-based solutions.  The inside sales team has a clear differentiator with the game-changing approach to ubiquitous challenges prospects face in commerce, digital marketing, digital strategy, content management, and customer relationship management.

Our compensation plan ramps quickly.  We track outreach statistics to line your pockets while you learn the domains and platforms.  Weekly gamification keeps the pedal down for success.  We measure our Business Development Representatives beyond stats.  Quality leads and professional development drive compensation here.

Tell me about a business development representative – what is the profile?

We welcome hunters.  Experience is great but not needed.  Recent graduate?  We have a detailed training program to get you on your feet.  Are you in a current inside sales role but not seeing the progress you expect?  Let’s talk.

Avionos wants to develop your sales acumen.  We fulfill our sales goals based on your success.  We’re motivated to accelerate your timeline to being a sales leader.

Questions to Consider

What drives you?  Success? Healthy competition? Experience both with Avionos.  The sales pit is the loudest room in the house.

What are your thoughts on outreach metrics?  Do you see it as the path to success?  We believe stats are just doing the legwork and we support those who want more.

Ever consider being a lawyer?  Can you manage the objection?  Can you help others to handle the truth?

Does networking come naturally to you?  Are you tuned into your career?

Are you a gifted communicator?   Can you keep your message fresh?  Do you have the knack to sum 30 words to 10 effectively? Let’s talk.


Position of Interest:

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