Introducing Salesforce B2B2C

Generate New Revenue with a Direct to Consumer Storefront

Great Digital Experiences are Non-Negotiable for B2B Buyers.

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The past year has shaken up the way B2B companies go to market and those changes are going to have lasting implications for years to come. In 2020, companies that had resisted going digital were forced to switch to meet fast-changing buyer demands. Those who did, stand to see the rewards in their bottom line: 87% of B2B buyers would pay more for a supplier with great digital experiences, confirming that not all change is bad. In fact, 68% of buyers strongly agree that B2B companies must become more comfortable with change to thrive in the post-pandemic era.

While change can take many forms, some B2B companies opted to open D2C channels to overcome the social distancing and supply chain challenges brought on by the pandemic. Instead of working with a third party distributor, customers now have the option of making purchases from the comfort of their own home. And that convenience is here to stay. In this white paper, Salesforce experts at Avionos help you determine whether B2B2C is the right commerce solution for your business.

In This White Paper

  • The current state of B2B Buying, according to the 2021 B2B Buyers Report
  • What is Salesforce B2B2C?
  • Use cases for Salesforce B2B2C
  • Worksheet: Is B2B2C Right for My Business?
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