White Paper: HLS and Medical Device Manufacturing

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Global HLS eCommerce is set to reach $435B+ by 2025.

How To Launch an eCommerce Storefront That Meets HLS Buyer Needs

It’s no surprise that Healthcare and Life Sciences buyers are making more purchases online than ever before. While digital purchasing increased steadily over the 2010s, COVID-19 drastically accelerated digital transformation across all B2B verticals. In 2020, B2B ecommerce grew by nearly 12% across all verticals, with more B2B buyers making purchases from their home laptops and mobile devices. And that trend isn’t slowing down: Global HLS eCommerce is set to reach $435B+ by 2025.

Creating an online storefront – and ensuring it meets the unique needs of HLS customers – needs to be on your digital roadmap for 2021. But a barebones commerce instance won’t cut it; 61% of HLS buyers said that their standards for how companies interact with them are higher than ever before. Leveraging eCommerce solutions built with HLS requirements in mind – like Salesforce B2B Commerce – is like a shortcut for businesses looking to get online, fast. Download the white paper to learn how to launch quickly, iterate over time to keep up with expectations, and prove ROI with measurable impact on your bottom line. 

In This White Paper

  • Common B2B buyer pain points 
  • Commerce considerations for HLS Manufacturing 
  • Case studies from current Salesforce and Avionos clients 
  • B2B commerce in 2021 
  • Salesforce B2B Commerce Quick Start vs. Digital 360: Which one is right for you? 
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