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Why Should I Switch to Salesforce B2B Commerce on Lightning?

Let’s face it: the best time to launch a digital storefront for your B2B business was before the COVID-19 pandemic. In 2020 digital transformation accelerated rapidly, and B2B buyers were incentivized to adopt digital purchasing as their go-to. And now, digital laggards are feeling the pressure to deliver superior commerce experiences: according to our 2021 …

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How eCommerce Solves B2B Buyer Pain Points

Digital commerce capabilities have never been more crucial for B2B business success. As companies around the world adapt to remote workforces for the foreseeable future, sales teams have had to quickly shift to new methods of selling and fulfillment. While 94% of B2B buyers say that B2B salespeople improve the purchasing process, 88% of buyers …

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Forrester Wave for B2B Commerce: Platforms that Make Buying Easier

Going to the store.  Calling your salesperson.  Clicking on a website.  All ways people have bought in the past and will continue to buy in the future, but now they expect the purchasing experience to be seamless.  Commerce has evolved from a distinct action that someone took to a passive activity that’s part of everyday …

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