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Kohl’s Looks To A Future With Many Changes – Forbes

2020 has left many companies reconfiguring their shopping experiences both in-store and online especially during the holiday season. Here are some reasons why.
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3 Things Missing From Walmart’s Strategy To Beat Amazon – Forbes

Ultimately, Walmart has finally added a strategic digital component to its already successful brick-and-mortar presence, creating a holistic customer experience,” says — Dan Neiweem, co-founder and principal, Avionos. – Forbes
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Marketers Raise The Personalization Bar – Forbes

The Price The Customer Is Willing To Pay For Personalization – To an extent, we can quantify the tradeoff. In exchange for a “shopping experience that is more tailored to personal preferences,” research from Avionos reveals that 72% of us are willing to give a marketer our email address. – Forbes
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Will Snapchat Capture Investors Like Facebook Or Follow Twitter’s Disappearing Act? – Forbes

Scott Webb, reflecting in the wake the IPO’s pricing said: “Snapchat has expanded from basic picture messaging, to advanced filters, payments features and even wearables to accommodate evolving demands. The company listened to its users and consistently improved the product to adapt to changing interests. This iterative approach to the user experience is what has ...
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