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Powering B2B Through Innovative eCommerce Solutions

More and more organizations are adding eCommerce to their Customer Engagement channels. In fact, 89% of directors and executives at B2B organizations say that more than half of their revenue growth over the next five years will be attributed to their eCommerce program*. Fortune 500 and mid-market companies alike are feeling the pressure to respond ...
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To Minimize Risk, Take a Rapid Innovation Approach to B2B Commerce

Many CIOs of B2B companies find themselves in uncharted waters as their organizations are confronted with creating an online experience that customers desire. The necessary technology capabilities are unlike those they have traditionally built before. As a result, CIOs can be cautious about what types of solutions they choose to invest in, or how they ...
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Driving Loyalty Through Experience-Driven Commerce

Three Simple Ways to Make Your Brand Stand Out Given the number of CPG brands and retailers, consumers are in the driver’s seat when it comes to the shopping experience. With more competition and declining customer loyalty, brands are working harder than ever to differentiate their products and win over their customer base.
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