Why Salesforce B2B Commerce for Parts and Aftermarket Parts

The U.S. automotive aftermarket is expected to reach a record value of nearly $450 billion in 2025. With the industry bouncing back after a slow wave at the start of the pandemic, being available for business has never been more important. And that starts with meeting customers where they are digitally. 

Buyers are willing to pay for great commerce, too, with 87% stating they would pay more for a supplier with a superior commerce experience. As more and more purchases are being made online each day, customer expectations are continuing to rise. Will you stay ahead of the curve or struggle to put your plans into drive?


Challenges to Commerce for Parts and Aftermarket Parts

While launching an eCommerce storefront is imperative to drive digital revenue, the auto parts and aftermarket parts industry faces unique challenges to launch. To make the experience the best it can be, companies face tough digital needs, such as:

  • Parts Selection and Filtering
    • Brands should help guide customers to the correct product for their needs, which typically means advanced filtering options.
  • Product Supersession
    • With so many advances in new technology, customers may need a product that has been phased out. Build a collection of resources to educate them about the retired products and their replacements. Check out how to develop a website content strategy here.
  • Good/Better/Best Shopping
    • There are often many different versions of replacement parts – ranging in price, brand, quality, etc. – that serve the same purpose. Companies should build a platform that empowers buyers to  easily sort and compare different models.
  • Ship to Location
    • One of the most frustrating roadblocks in the shopping experience is when product information is inaccurate. Help your customers get the parts they need when and where they need them. 
  • Product Information Management
    • 48% of B2B buyers believe finding accurate and up-to-date product information is a top pain point in the purchasing journey. Easily update information so customers are getting a flawless digital experience every time. 


How Salesforce B2B Commerce Solves Commerce Challenges 

With so many unique challenges, you need a platform that can keep up with customer needs while delivering a superior digital experience. That’s where Salesforce B2B Commerce and Avionos come in.

From a software standpoint, Salesforce B2B Commerce enables your company to provide good/better/best comparisons. Customers will be able to gauge which product is the perfect fit for their needs and eliminate any other options easily. With 48% of B2B buyers struggling to find accurate and up-to-date product information, offering a simplified experience is crucial. Put them in the driver seat to speed up time to purchase.

Internally, B2B Commerce can also manage a large database of individual parts and SKU numbers. No need to worry about switching to a new platform when your organization grows. 

Of course, you need the right team of engineers to get your platform up to speed. Our team of experts is your go-to crew for all things Salesforce B2B Commerce. We can help you:

  • Launch a storefront quickly.
  • Create a low or no-touch digital sales process.
  • Enable your customers to easily complete large, complex transactions.
  • Provide your customers with order, invoice, and product information online.
  • Connect all of your platforms for a 360 Degree view of your customers.

And after implementation, you can take over the drivers’ seat or stay as a passenger by continuing with our Avionos Operate Managed Services


Paving the Way for the Future: DexKo Global

DexKo Global, a leading manufacturer of components for trailers and towable equipment, had a collection of backend and customer-facing systems that they needed to integrate. They wanted to find the best technology that could combine their CRM, customer service, integration platform, ERP, experience management, and commerce. In an effort to offer an easier ordering experience, they also wanted to have a self-service option for their customers to purchase online independently. Of course, the various platforms had to communicate seamlessly. 

Avionos worked with DexKo to build a comprehensive digital roadmap that would satisfy all of DexKo’s needs. After creating a solid digital strategy, DexKo and Avionos determined Salesforce would be best suited for DexKo’s business. 

Salesforce’s ability to create a holistic 360-degree view of the customer was a key factor in their decision. DexKo now has the ability to acquire and integrate new businesses in their systems while equipping them with self-service options for around-the-clock service. Now operating more efficiently, DexKo was able to pivot its sales department technique to operate as strategic advisors for major orders.


Where Do We Go From Here?

The best time to launch a digital channel is a few years ago; the second best time is now. Looking to move quickly and get to market in under 6 weeks? Get started on your B2B Commerce journey and start growing online revenue. Let’s get driving.

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