When to Upgrade Your DAM

Utilizing a digital asset management (DAM) system means working smarter, not harder, but an outdated DAM can become a huge obstacle in a team’s workflow. As an organization grows, so does the amount of asset creation, meaning it may be time to update you DAM. This can be overwhelming, but if you ask yourself these four questions, you will know exactly when to upgrade: 

1. Is finding the right asset difficult and time consuming? 

Nothing halts a workday like not being able to find the most recent version of your company’s logo. If spending time finding the correct digital asset is slowing team productivity, then upgrading your DAM could be the best remedy. With effective DAM practices, you will see a decrease in time spent searching for the correct asset, resulting in a boost in overall efficiency. 

2. Is your brand’s online presence inconsistent? 

Managing a brand’s digital footprint across all channels is difficult enough without worrying about keeping track of outdated assets or permissions. An updated DAM system will make it easier for an organization to leverage, adapt and display content on every channel that your customer interacts with.  

3. Is your current system reliant on manual or paper-based work? 

Here’s a rule of thumb: be human where it counts, and automate everything else. If you’re still sifting through your files manually – on your desktop or in a filing cabinet – consider an upgraded DAM. Automated workflows, asset review and approval, and permission sets improve efficiency across departments. 

4. Are you unsure how your assets are performing? 

Using assets without knowing how they are performing will lead to low engagement and higher bounce rates. DAM solutions provide analytics and insights to guide your long-term strategy and support your KPIs.  

An updated DAM system is the key to efficient workflow. Interested in learning more? Check out Avionos’s guide to DAM systems here

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