What You Missed From The Dreamforce 2021 Keynote Session

It’s that time of year again: Dreamforce 2021 is upon us, with its product announcements, new technology capabilities, and of course our favorite cartoon mascots. Keeping up with the packed schedule can be difficult, but don’t fret: if you missed the keynote, we’ve got you covered. Check out the highlights below. 



Dreamforce was making waves before the first speaker took the stage. That’s because this year’s Dreamforce event is being broadcast on Salesforce+, launched in August. Salesforce+ is a new streaming service with live and on-demand content, including live series, podcasts, and more. This is an interesting new line of business to tie in with its usual Customer-360 focus, and we’re sure the throughline will become more obvious soon. Check it out for yourself here.



As the world shifted to digital-first last year, data security became more important than ever.  Salesforce Hyperforce aims to protect sensitive data with data encryption at rest and in transit. It empowers global businesses to meet local compliance requirements no matter their size. And it’s scalable, since all Salesforce apps, customizations, and integrations are supported on Hyperforce.



We know that Salesforce is constantly improving its 360-degree view of the customer, giving businesses better insights into buyer behavior and preferences. And Tableau Analytics’ powerful AI capabilities increase visibility and understanding of customer needs with easy-to-understand dashboards. Use Tableau Analytics (formerly Einstein Analytics) for predictive models and trend spotting, all built natively on the Salesforce platform.



Salesforce acquired Slack in late 2020, and has since focused on “Slack-first” integrations to make collaboration easier than ever. During the keynote, Marc Benioff announced a new slew of Slack integrations, including: 

  • Slack clips for video messages 
  • Sponsored connections for Slack Connect
  • GovSlack, which meets security requirements for the federal government 
  • Integrations with Salesforce industry clouds and products, including Commerce Cloud
  • Integration with Trailhead to improve learning flows 

All of this comes at a time when hybrid and totally remote workforces are the new normal. We’ll continue to see more integration of Slack into the entire Salesforce ecosystem.


Sustainability Cloud 2.0

Salesforce, and Marc Benioff as its visionary, has been vocal about its commitment to sustainability in the past, and the launch of Sustainability Cloud 2.0 aligns with this goal. Sustainability Cloud makes it easier to analyze carbon emissions, formulate a climate action plan, and take your company to net zero emissions. And Salesforce would know – they announced Tuesday that they are officially net zero and 100% renewable across its value chain. 


Health Cloud 2.0

No in-person gathering in 2021 would be complete without what Benioff referred to as “hundreds of thousands of Q-tips,” or extensive COVID-19 testing. The deployment of Health Cloud 2.0 includes new methods of managing health concerns in the pandemic. For example, Dreamforce is the first deployment of Dreampass, a method of managing proof of vaccination or negative tests for in-person gatherings. Users will also have contact tracing capabilities and vaccine management programs.

This year saw challenges for every company and individual, including Salesforce. Benioff and Salesforce leadership have embraced the change that continues to lie ahead by offering forward-thinking solutions for problems ranging from climate change to health concerns and of course connecting businesses and people with each other. We’re excited to play our part in creating better customer experiences for our joint clients together through new Salesforce offerings. What are you looking forward to as we close out 2021 and look to next year?

Joe Harouni
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