What to Expect from Adobe Summit 2019

Adobe Summit has something to offer for every role in an organization – commerce, marketing, technology, you name it. This year’s will be especially interesting given Adobe’s 2018 acquisitions.  

With the additions of Magento and Marketo, Avionos expects Summit to be even more action packed than ever, with a keen focus on how to drive ROI through those two platforms. Since Magento will still host its signature conference Imagine this year, the company will likely save any key product announcements for that event. However, we anticipate Magento’s core story at Summit to surround Experience Driven Commerce and how to drive results through the integrated platform.

Marketo’s Marketing Nation, on the other hand, is being combined with Adobe Summit, which leads us to expect to see a much tighter integration of consideration purchases and experience topics. It’s the first major event since the acquisition and will definitely be interesting, especially given they had to spread the conference over two resorts and a convention center. We look forward to hearing more on Adobe’s plans for product integrations and roadmaps. In our opinion, it makes sense to lead with Digital Asset Management.

We’re excited to deep dive into the Experience Platform and the creation of the Unified Marketing Profile. Come chat with us at Booth #885. Swing by to talk about what you want to get out of Summit or to share your NCAA tournament predictions.  We are also sponsoring our own pop-a-shot tournament with Magento on Tuesday night with live music, beer and basketball at Rockhouse at the Venetian. RSVP to join here

Adobe Summit proves to be a great experience, but we also know it can be overwhelming to select which talks to attend with over 200 sessions, labs, and other keynotes.  Avionos Practice Leads reviewed the key sessions based on the objective of your trip to Summit and came up with a few recommendations: 



1pm: S339 – Scaling the Mountain: Marketing Operations in Large Global Enterprises 

2:30pm: S333 – Make the Most Out of You’re A/B Testing with Marketo 

4pm: S342 – Game-changing Experiences: Inside the Enhanced Marketo Sky 

5:30pm: S336 – Hyper-Personalization: Engage Buyers with a Next-Level Nurture Program – split your team to attend both S336 and S331 

5:30pm: S331 – Tie Marketing to Revenue with Marketo*** don’t miss! 


8:30am: S332 – Deliver Innovative Customer Experiences with Marketo’s Partner Ecosystem 

2pm: SS1 – Digital Transformation Advances in the High Tech Industry 

2pm: S334 – Web Personalization and Content AI in the Real World 

Thursday (Marketing Nation @ the Wynn): 

9:30am: K301 – Marketing Nation @ Summit Keynote*** don’t miss! 

1pm: W116 – Building an Attribution Engine with Bizible and Marketo 

2:30pm: S620 – Digital Transformation and CXM: Best Practices for Success 

3pm: W107 – Marketo-Fu Live: Marketo’s Life-Altering Revenue Cycle Models*** don’t miss! 

3pm: W104 – Account-based Everything: Using Personalization to Scale Your ABM Programs – split your team to attend both W107 and W104 



1pm: S413 – Activating the Power of Unified Profile Data for Effective Personalization 

4pm: S113 – Audience Activation Strategies in Media 

5:30pm: S331 – Tie Marketing to Revenue with Marketo*** don’t miss! 

5:30pm: S132 – A Clean, Mean, Actionable Data Machine: Four Pillars of Data Governance – split your team to attend both S331 and S132 


8:30am: S343 – Up-Level Your Attribution and Analytics to Power Growth*** don’t miss! – split your team to attend both S343 and S127 

8:30am: S127 – Adobe Analytics and Adobe Target: Personalize with Precision 

2pm: S945 – An Easier Way to Make Better Decisions with Better Data – split your team to attend both S945 and S109 

2pm: S109 – Creating an Audience Center of Excellence 

Thursday (Marketing Nation @ the Wynn): 

9:30am: S931 – Delivering a High-Functioning, Strategic Analytics Team 

12:30pm: L751 – Explore the New Adobe Analytics 2.0 APIs 

1pm: W116 – Building an Attribution Engine with Bizible and Marketo 

2pm: W101 – Analytics That Matter: The Right Report for Every Stage of the Funnel*** don’t miss! 

2:30pm: S102 – Experience Data Management Platform is Here! 

3pm: W107 – Marketo-Fu Live: Marketo’s Life-Altering Revenue Cycle Models*** don’t miss! 



S912 – Best Practices in Experience-Driven Commerce from Adobe & TiVo 

S918 – Commerce & Content: How Coca-Cola Realizes the Promise of Branded Commerce 

S914 – Future Directions in Commerce: Content Intelligence Leads the Way 

S916 – Managing Global Omnichannel Commerce – Best Practices from HP 

S913 – Meet Adobe’s New Commerce Solution – Magento Commerce Cloud 

S917 – Nine Pillars of E-Commerce Success: Lessons from Rite Aid 

S919 – Top Strategies to Retool Your B2B Commerce Experience in 2019 

Experience Management 

S205 – Adobe Experience Manager Sites: Top Innovations 

S238 – A Hybrid Architecture Powers Omnichannel Content 

S222 – Always Connect: Under Armour’s Key to Success with Adobe Experience Manager 

S202 – Best Practices for Adobe Experience Manager for Omnichannel Experiences 

S207 – Building Your Digital Foundation with Adobe Experience Manager Sites 

S977 – Digital Trends in Automotive 2019 & How BMW Is Driving Customer Centricity 

Integrated Marketing 

S967 – Acquire, Keep, Grow: How Adobe Enables Buyers Across the Customer Lifecycle 

S330 – Ten Things to Know about Marketo and B2B Marketing 

Strategy and Governance 

S951 – 3 Ways to Break Through the Silos Killing Your Marketing and Creative Teams 

S217 – Albertsons’ Digital Transformation and the Customer Experience 

Content Velocity 

S234 – Accelerate the Creative Process Using Adobe Asset Link and Custom CC Panels 

S210 – Adobe Experience Manager Assets: Top DAM Features 

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