What is Salsify?

We can all think of the several notes in our phone or on our desk that are single handedly keeping our life together. Ranging from to-do and grocery lists to personal information, we each have our own way of keeping ourselves organized. 

Now scale that to the size of an entire business. They need to know the exact size, color, depth and launch date of a product. This is then sent out through multiple channels to both their internal site and external distributors. Now it gets a bit tricky.

The shift from notepads to product information management software is the solution to that headache. It can mean huge improvements in efficiency and productivity when implemented to satisfy the unique needs of a business. 

Organizations like Salsify are helping to make this concept a reality for organizations looking to move to the digital shelf.

What is Salsify?

Salsify is a product experience and data management tool that helps organizations operate more efficiently. Salsify has developed systems that can be put in place to optimize the organization and flow of product information management. The creation of this digital shelf allows for easy upload of consistent and accurate information. This can then be distributed to internal and external channels, allowing for real-time updates that keeps all key stakeholders up to date.

As product and content evolves, so should your system. Salsify saw efficiency as a key priority in the production of an ecommerce PIM software – and problems that could be solved within one system and distributed across others. A truly efficient digital product has the ability to tackle every journey taken both internally and externally.

With a single source of truth found in a Salsify PIM, changes and timelines are handled with a steady hand and consistent output. Buyers need this accuracy and attention to detail in order to trust that their suppliers have the customer at the center of their digital strategy.


What Solutions Does Salsify Provide for Business?

Business strategies revolve around improving both the customer journey and internal operations. 

Our latest B2B data study revealed that 48% of customers are asking for consistent and accurate information from every point of contact when purchasing a product. When purchasing high value and high priced goods, it’s important to know exactly what you’re paying for. The purchase of complex products requires internal information like SKU number, size, and compatibility to be 100% accurate. Salsify provides efficiency in easily sending mass changes and alterations to every point of product distribution.

Product Information Management

Updating the changes in product information manually causes inconsistencies and inefficiency in internal operations. This leaves employees with wasted time on tedious tasks. Salsify product information management provides relief for those tasks in the form of a central distribution point. There won’t be any need to find your needle in a haystack because everything is up to date and stored in one space.

Product Syndication and Activation

With 360 degree-view product photos, videos, and other engaging content, your digital shelf is meant to tell a story.

Syndication provides a stream of product information to distributors. Think Amazon for example, where you can find a product and its multiple sources of distribution to purchase from in one spot. Anytime the product is changed or updated, those distributors need to know about it. Salsify’s digital shelf is consistent and accurate to what product is actually being sold to the customer.

Salsify ensures that updates can be seen across platforms in hours rather than weeks.

Publishing becomes easier with a syndicated multi-channel connection between stakeholders. No matter which channel customers are viewing your product information on, Salsify ensures it is up-to-date, accurate, and always consistent. With the easy flow of information to and from the source, there’s a faster timeline for output and lower chance of inconsistencies.

How Do I Know If Salsify Can Help My Business?

The push for digital change starts with customer pain points. With businesses constantly implementing new commerce, marketing, and strategy software, the product information becomes spread too thin. The push for a Salsify PIM software starts with:


Product information without organization is chaos for a business looking to be efficient in their sales, marketing and commerce practices. They find their product information scattered across documents, planning software, and folders. When employees have to hunt for what they’re looking for, they end up with wasted time and lower productivity.


Even if information can be found, it’s not easy to ensure its accuracy. In a rapidly changing market, products change all the time – and so does their relevant information and specifications. And in complex industries such as manufacturing or health and life sciences, accuracy means everything to ensure buyer trust. 

Inefficient publishing 

Oftentimes suppliers run into issues with publishing their products across the varying channels they occupy. Keeping consistent launches between distributors, marketplaces and your own website requires a central channel point. Without one you run the risk of publishing out of step and at the worst times. 

Unenhanced publishing

It’s not enough to have all of your product information in one place, accurate and published exactly when you want. Businesses lacking in an enhanced product experience will lose out to competitors that can tell the story of their product to the customer.

A Salsify digital platform helps businesses to concentrate that information into one source of truth, ensuring that everything you need is exactly where it should be. Leaving your product information in the hands of a PIM gives your business time to strategize how it can evolve quicker along with new digital innovations.

Avionos’ History with Salsify

Avionos is dedicated to leveraging the best cross-platform solutions for our customers. In early 2020, we noticed our customers needed the best product information software to roundout their digital strategy. We wanted a good go-to market partner that could provide the capabilities needed to fulfill the clients’ needs.

We partnered with Salsify because they shared many of the same values as us. The experience we have gained in our partnership with them has helped drive us forward in our business goals. 

We are now a Salsify Gold Partner and 2021 Regional System Integrator Partner of the Year. During that time Avionos has amassed 35+ Salsify certificates and our employees are experts in the platform.  


Adobe-Salsify Connector

With an organized digital shelf, your business too can set its sights on new goals for further success, but you might not know how to get started. 

If you’re currently operating on Adobe Commerce, we just launched the Adobe-Salsify Connector to make product information management much easier. Our low-code solution is configurable, scalable, and requires no major infrastructure changes so you can implement it quickly and grow your business with it. Schedule a demo here.

Want to learn more about how Salsify can help your business? Contact our team of experts here.

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